December 23, 2009

How to Get Your Books Free and Cheap

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:43 pm by lbrosch

If  you look at the right hand side of the blog you will see a category of links to many good free and cheap sites for books. My very first choice would be Paperback Swap. If you join, which costs nothing, you are then able to post any of  your previously read books with hopes of receiving requests for them. If your book is requested then you will be able to download and print the address label for the person to whom you are sending the book and drop it by the PO with a media mail rate for sending. Once the book is received by the requester they will log it in to the site and you will receive a credit. These credits allow you to request a book of your own. While not exactly free since you have the postage costs, it is still a good return on books that you no longer want or have read, to exchange for the books you will receive. This site has a very efficient cataloging system which allows you to choose the topics and genres of books you wish to browse whenever you sign in and there is a book search system as well which allows for searching titles and topics for books posted as well as books published. If you are seeking a particular title, you may put it on your wish list and then when it becomes available you will be notified. Naturally, newer books will take longer to get to you but books published a year or more ago often become available within weeks. You also have the option of keeping a Reminder List which is where you can begin to save titles that you wish to purchase when you have enough credits. You may purchase a limited number of credits from the site itself. Also, you may purchase credits from other members by checking in the Discussion Forums under Community and post or look for a post at the Book Bazaar. In the Book Bazaar you will see members listing books available at a 4 for 1 etc. where you will get 4 books for 1 credit. There are also Games which allow you to swap books of a particular genre and often the moderator holds trivia games for extra prizes. The site is easy to use and when you sign up there are mentors online to give you help with any questions as well as many places within the site to get all your questions answered. This is a fantastic way to access loads of books CHEAP! You can even search all the books by a particular author and I often use this resource to see the order of books in a series so that I can find the first one in a series and read them in order. Now, one other tip, if you don’t already have a lot of books that you can post, try getting books at your local thrift store, used book store, library or yard sales. These books you may pay  .50 or 1.00 for  but are really worth 2.50 or more when you get a credit for them through PBS.


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