December 23, 2009

More Ways to Get Books Cheap

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My other favorite ways to find books cheaper are of course my local used bookstores, thrift shops and library and yard sales. I also use many of the sites listed on the blog. I have found the Borders Rewards card to be very helpful when I want a newer book that I must have and can’t wait for searches through used stores. If you have the rewards card, which is free, you make sure to show it with each purchase, even your cup of coffee, and when you reach a certain amount you get a 5.00 certificate either in your e-mail or it will show up in your account at the store when you are making a purchase. The other great part is that every other week or so you get a 30% off coupon in your e-mail which you can print out and bring to the store. I try to use almost every one and keep a list of books I am wanting and use my coupon for one of these. Of course I am usually attracted to the almost ever present buy one, get one 50% off table and usually make a purchase there as well. I try to be careful to get only these and the one I have a coupon for. I think the bestsellers are always 30% off but for a limited time. So be a smart shopper this way when you are looking for the newer books. Amazon of course is my next stop for new books as their discount is always hard to beat although you should check the price comparisons using the Cheapest Book Price link I provide. Then of course their used booksellers offer great prices on most books if you don’t mind getting a used copy. I have always had good luck with this procedure. You are allowed to rate these sellers after receiving the book so if you do find a problem then you can contact them before you give your rating and try for some resolution as they are very anxious about their ratings. Many great used books can be found on Abe Books and Better World Books and you can compare prices to Amazon sellers. If you are looking for new books and just want to search a genre try Edward R. Hamilton booksellers and Daedalus Books. They often have great discounts and will send you their sale catalogs with the latest discounts. I find these very addictive. I have actually stopped looking at their catalogs for awhile until I get through the piles of books I now have. However, when you are seeking books on a certain topic of interest, especially a travel location, history period, children’s gift books, they can’t be beat. When planning a trip to Italy and Greece last year I picked up a lot of great travel guides from both booksellers. Readitforward is a site where you can sign up to receive e-mails and then every so often they review and offer books just getting published for free if you sign up quickly and then get lucky. I have received several books this way. I just discovered that goodreads now has a book swap as well. You may want to check this out. This site talks about books that you can sign up to get for free,  Goodreads also has a page called First Reads which lists soon to be published books which are being given away by signing up with your e-mail and address and if you get lucky you will get an advance reader copy. Also if you are a member of Bookblogs, which you can join for free, you will find this group which blogs about giveaways, I occasionally see blogs where the authors offer one of their books for a limited time or for a limited number of requests so if anyone finds these I hope they will send the links in a comment to share with all of us.

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