December 23, 2009

My Christmas gift books – to myself

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My Gifts to Myself

Yes, I do gift myself with a selection of some of the newest books!! This is one time I splurge and buy new books. I compile my list from reading reviews all over the web and listening to podcast reviews. My choices for this year were Half the Sky, Stones into Schools, Clara’s War, The Girl Who Played With Fire and Half Broke Horses. I decided on these as I thought they would cover a nice broad sampling of genres. I have some non-fiction, memoir, mystery suspense and then I also did get the 2010 Writer’s Market as I dabble with freelance writing when I am not too busy.  I am already building my wish list for more of the new books. I did use Borders coupons to get another book I recently read about; Another Day in the Frontal Lobe by Katrina Firlik. The paperback edition came out in 2007 so this is not a new book. I see it is even available used on Amazon for .01. I was too hasty in purchasing. I should have checked there first. These will be my immediate TBRs on my nightstand but I have a large number of older books to consider next up as well. If you don’t get your wish list books for Christmas and have now spent all of your book budget on holiday expenses, don’t fret as I will tell you how to get books for free and cheap in the next post. Shanghai Girls is one I bought a couple of months ago as I have read and loved all of Lisa See’s books and highly recommend them. Daughters of Destiny : A Donner Party Story by Frankye Craig, an author local to my area, is one I picked up while making a trip to the airport to pick up my daughter for a Thanksgiving visit. She had a table set out to sell her books which are self-published and she and I had a wonderful chat, especially since I was in the middle of writing my own historical fiction novel based on a pioneer woman who lived during and after the time of the Donner party disaster. Historical fiction is one of my particular interests in reading and I will devote more time to that later, as well as my writing endeavors. I purchased this title of hers along with Fateful Journey.


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