January 1, 2010

Half the Sky by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn

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This book should be required reading for all women!! It is a shocking exposé of conditions women face in many of the developing countries of the world. As Nick says in the book, the statistics can be overwhelming to the point of your becoming blinded by the information. However, the personal stories hit the mark! Be forewarned that you will not put this book down and forget it. Hopefully if enough women can read this book and come to empathize with the personal accounts of the suffering of these girls and women they will pass on the information to take action. The number of organizations that are listed and described in the book are numerous. I have listed them all with links on a separate page on the right side of this blog. I am already familiar with Women for Women International which I listed on my recommended websites. I correspond with a woman from Bosnia who is supported through this program. I also sponsor children with World Vision and Children International. I would recommend both of those organizations as a way to sponsor teen girls. These organizations provide health care and family counseling services to help girls learn about becoming responsible for their own health and well being and hopefully through education and better economic position they may be able to postpone marriage and childbearing until they are more mature. With these organizations you can correspond and send small gifts to your sponsored children. I hope that if anyone who reads this blog has experience with any of the organizations mentioned in the book that they would share their recommendations and experiences. Further discussion of this book will take place as part of a group within Second Life both at Bookstacks starting on January 6 at 3PM PST and again as part of a discussion with Wollstonecraft’s Daughters book group in Second Life on January 17 at 10AM PST.

Learn more about Half the Sky at the website: www.halftheskymovement.org

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