January 14, 2010

Human Trafficking Exhibit at Alliance Virtual Library in Second Life

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I recently attended this exhibit which is a multi-media exhibit that allows visitors to learn about the dark underworld where people are bought and sold, living lives as abused and dehumanized slaves.  The United Nations Inter-Agency Project on Human Trafficking reports that this criminal activity is second only to drug trafficking.  No region of the world, no race, no gender, no age group is beyond the reach of traffickers.  This exhibit serves to provide information about human trafficking, but also places the visitor inside this world to experience a small sampling of the hardships faced by victims.

If you are a member of Second Life you may access the exhibit at the following slurl:


The exhibit contains various resources. The experience is divided into three distinct areas that you can visit.  You need to take a sound badge and wear it before you teleport to these areas. The sound badge can be found on a poster at the landing area.

=============Human Trafficking Exhibit===================

Global Government Agencies Combating Trafficking
—Anti-trafficking government agencies around the world.

Global Non-Profit Agencies Combating Trafficking
—Anti-trafficking non-profits around the world.  Learn how you can volunteer and what you can do to help.

Human Trafficking Global Information
—Reports from countries and regions around the world.

What is Human Trafficking?
—Basic definitions and information

Statistics, Publications and Reports on Human Trafficking
—In depth information.  (Some links are to PDF files which will need Adobe reader.)

Report Instances of Human Trafficking
—How to report suspected human trafficking activity.

Human Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation
—Personal stories and news reports from around the world.

Human Trafficking for Forced Labor
—Personal stories and news reports from around the world.

Human Trafficking for Adoption/Marriage
—Personal stories and news reports from around the world.

Each exhibit sign provides Internet links to information and groups combating human trafficking.  I have linked to many of the provided links and other information on the right side of the blog page.

This information provided adds to the recent discussion on Half the Sky by Kristof and WuDunn.

I would like to thank the following people from Alliance Virtual Library who were responsible for the exhibit and the information shared here.


Alliance Library System and Lorelei Junot (SL name) owners of Info Island.

Rolig Loon (SL name) co-producer, audio scripting
Abbey Zenith (SL name) co-producer

Background photo for exhibit used with permission from the photographer, William Warby (RL name).

Bucky Barkley (SL name) scripting contributor
Cindy Elkhart (SL name) art contributor
Silhshoot Seelow audio contributor
Silhsoot’s Class
Thoth Jantzen (SL name) video contributor
Waldron Rhino (SL name) audio contributor
Rocky Vallejo (SL name) consultant

http://www.freesound.org audio contributor

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