January 14, 2010

What You Can Do Now to Support the Global Cause

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Support  microfinance by opening an account at www.kiva.org. You need only give 25$ toward one struggling woman’s business to make a big difference. You can read about each of the projects and choose your own to support. Take a look at all the successes that have been reported in this program. Spread the word. You can give a gift certificate to start a family member or friend on their way to giving support.

Sponsor a girl or woman through Plan International, Women for Women International, World Vision, or American Jewish World Service. I sponsor a woman in Bosnia through Women for Women and four Guatemalan children through World Vision and Children International. Two of my children are teenage girls who are postponing marriage and childbirth due to the funds provided for their education and health services.

Sign up for e-mail updates on www.womensenews.org and www. worldpulse.com where you can keep updated on information about women’s abuse. They may provide advice on further actions that you can take.

Join the CARE Action Network at www.can.care.org. This will give you a voice to speak out to education policy makers and take action against poverty and injustice.

Buy gifts from Fair Trade organizations like Serrv International, Global Girlfriend, and Bead for Life.

Look at the further links (on the right side of the blog) to organizations that are making a difference and choose one to join and support.

Kristof and WuDunn do mention this in the book but I would like to emphasize the importance of volunteering yourself to work with an organization that is serving in one of the poor countries of the world. To see first hand what the lives of these women and girls are like is to truly appreciate the need for empowerment of and justice for women throughout the world. I have taken these trips and it has truly changed my life and outlook on rights for women.


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