March 31, 2010

The Truth About Afghanistan!!??

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I just finished a book entitled A Woman Among Warlords (2009) by Malalai Joya. This was an astonishing revelation to read! Malalai Joya (which she says in the book is not her real name) is an amazing woman who tells us the story of her life so far. At the age of 31 she has been a teacher, social worker, elected member of the Afghan Parliament, star of the documentary Enemies of Happiness and worldwide speaker for women’s rights. She describes the difficulties of growing up female in Afghanistan and her family’s struggle to provide for their children both economically and educationally. With a good education and being well read she discovers the truth about the governmental situation in her country at a very young age and sets out to help her people. She becomes politically involved and is elected to a government post where she is dismayed when she finds that the U.S. has supported the warlords who have long terrorized her people and they are now the ones sitting in the Parliament and passing laws to give themselves amnesty and further prevent the progress of education and justice for violations of women’s rights. When she attempts to speak out to the Parliament she is silenced, threatened and finally framed and suspended from her government office. She is still hiding from the officials who would wish to assassinate her. The information she provides on the true status of women and the poor in Afghanistan is appalling. Here I include a quote from her book that is part of her speech when accepting the International Human Rights Film Award in Berlin in 2008:

Although the authorities in my country tried every possible way to prevent me from being with you here today, I am here and accept this award on behalf of oppressed Afghan women who do not have the opportunity to speak for themselves. But they are brave and fight for their rights. You gave this award to a daughter of  a land that was bombed by the U.S. and its allies for seven years in the name of democracy, peace, and human rights. But today we are as far from these values and these vital human needs as we were in 2001.

I dedicate this award to my betrayed people who do not have liberation at all…. I want to announce to all human rights defenders that the U.S.-occupied Afghanistan is still a burning hell and a brutal joke made against democracy and human rights. Unfortunately today the worst enemies of these values are the current policymakers of my country.

Near the end of the book she devotes a chapter to telling the world what should be done about the present situation. In brief, the ideas she covers are: end the war, send real humanitarian aid, put an end to the rule of the warlords, and withdraw all foreign troops. She further adds that one of the most important things each person can do is to stay informed about the reality of Afghanistan today. She suggests a website: RAWA news. She says to get involved with groups that are working honestly to support women and men in Afghanistan and monitor, criticize and work to improve your own government’s foreign policy.

Read more about Malalai and her work at these websites:


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