January 8, 2011

Exciting Debut Novel by Paul Mansfield Keefe

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by Paul Mansfield Keefe

If you loved The DaVinci Code you will want to read this amazing first novel by author Paul Keefe. Main character Angie Cooper, archeologist/detective extraordinaire, is one tough, stubborn and independent woman in this highly suspenseful action adventure story. Mr. Keefe has also centered the story around a plausible archeological find that could change world history and religious beliefs. Angie finds herself being pursued by a hit man working for a U.S. senator as well as a religious lunatic on a mission to save the Catholic church. She must outrun and outwit the two men as well as try to solve the mysterious clues to the archeological discovery her beloved friends were working on before being brutally murdered. She gets a little help from her friends along the way, resulting in a trip to Jerusalem, Germany and Washington, D.C. Mr. Keefe has included every story element one could wish for with suspense, intrigue, detective work, romance, surprising plot twists, scientific and religious historical background and well-developed characters. This is certainly a worthy debut for this new author and I hope we will see much more of Angie Cooper in upcoming novels.

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  1. Hi! I heard about your blog on goodreads. This novel looks very interesting!

    My publisher would like to contact you to assess your interest in reading/reviewing my novel With Good Behavior or others by Omnific Publishing, but we can’t find your email address. Could you send an email to me at jenniferlanebooks(at)gmail.com or to the publisher at micha.stone@omnificpublishing(dot)com? Thanks so much.

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