January 20, 2011

Room by Emma Donoghue

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It seems like everyone is talking about this book. I recently participated in a book discussion on this book and will share some other thoughts besides my own. Shocking!! Yes to some people. Some of my friends could not get past the first chapter. Some refused to finish the book. Some were so caught up that they had to keep reading. This is a very unique story in that it is told from the point of view of a five year old boy. Not only does that make it original but the plot which is slowly revealed is that the mother and child have been locked in a “room” for the entire life of this boy. I do not give away plot in my reviews so you will have to read the book to discover if there is any hope of escape from their dire straits. There is criticism of this book that the child’s language is not believable but everyone in my discussion group found it very fitting. This child has insights beyond what would seem possible for a child of his age but given the unusual circumstances of his development he has an ability to see things differently from other children. His views expressed are those of honesty and innocence and truly “hit the mark”. Depending on your background, your emotional state, etc. some of the content may be very unsettling but for those who want to adventure into the disturbing background of the story you will find much to stir the senses and the story will not soon be forgotten. It is definitely a great book group book and I would recommend it for groups but you may have some members who won’t join you for this discussion. It is also helpful to have in hand a copy of  an author interview where she explains about the research she conducted for this book. In my opinion this is a book not be missed.

For more information: www.emmadonoghue.com/room.htm


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