February 10, 2013

Soon to be Published – The Invisible Girls by Sarah Thebarge

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Thanks to NetGalley I just finished an ARC of this very poignant story Sarah Thebarge tells of a short period in her life after a chance meeting of a destitute Somali immigrant mother struggling to adjust to the US with her five young daughters. Sarah weaves back and forth through the telling of her present life with the Somali girls and her past few years of a life threatening bout with breast cancer. After having all her hopes and dreams for her own life dashed with the devastating effects of cancer she moved to the west coast to try and start over. She herself felt invisible and relates to the lives of the Somali family as they struggle to get out of the invisible life. Watch for the April publication of The Invisible Girls. Sarah is planning on using money raised from the book’s publication to help put the five young Somali girls through college. Find out more about Sarah’s invisible girls on her blog, http://theinvisiblegirls.wordpress.com